Daewoo direct online sales to consumers use Rigel


Daewoo Electronics Sales UK Limited is a world leader in the home electronics and multimedia markets, and is a long-standing customer of Orion Consulting Limited.

In 2005, Daewoo approached Orion with regard to implementing a web based ordering system for spares and consumables. Although there were existing "shopping" systems on the market, any of them would require considerable additional work to integrate them with Daewoo's SAP system. Orion proposed a method by which this expense could be saved - use the existing PathFinder EDI system as a back-end for the website.

Rigel B2C

Following the successful rollout of Daewoo's Business to Business (B2B) website, Orion was asked to create a Business to Consumer (B2C) website, to sell product consumables to the general public. As with the B2B site, this was written in Perl, using Orion's Rigel process, and utilising MySQL for database storage. Again, the appearance and style of the website would be fully controlled from a configuration table allowing the site to match Daewoo's existing web presence.

Unlike the B2B site, the users of B2C would not have existing accounts with Daewoo - therefore new forms were required to collect address and contact information, and the product details were expanded to include an optional product image. Product categories were introduced, to make it easier for customers to find the item they were looking for, and all consumables were cross-indexed to the original product. Finally, it would be necessary for customers to make online credit card payments.

Making Online Purchasing Easy

With the B2C system, there is no need for users to log in before selecting their purchases. A traditional online basket clearly shows their purchases throughout the session, and when they have completed their purchases, the customer is asked for their address and contact information. They are then seamlessly taken to a secure online credit card gateway, to make their payment.

Protected Payments With Protx

Our choice of partner for online payments is Protx, the UK's largest independent payment service provider. Using their secure service, the B2C customer is taken to a Protx payment page, which is automatically completed with details of their transaction. On entering their credit card details and authorising payment, they are then taken back to the Daewoo B2C site, where their order is acknowledged. The same process generates a confirmation email to the customer and updates the order database with the payment status, and date and time of authorisation, allowing PathFinder to extract and process the order. A payment status email is also generated by Protx, to assist accounts reconciliation.

PathFinder in Control

As with B2B, PathFinder is used both to load product data on a regular basis, and to extract, translate and route new purchase orders appropriately. For each imported file, PathFinder examines the Protx payment status field. Failed transactions are reported within PathFinder, in case of future customer query. Successful transactions are automatically translated to the ORDERS IDoc format, and sent to Daewoo's SAP system. The IDoc is SAP's own Intermediate Document structure, and is the same format as the existing EDI data already being imported into SAP. Thus there are no additional changes required to the SAP application.

Accounting For Everything

The integration of PathFinder, Rigel B2C and Protx gives full traceability throughout the system. Using Protx's admin functions, Daewoo's accounts department can report on transactions over any period of time. Every payment can be traced to a particular order, and cancelled or abandoned orders are also recorded for future reference. Customer queries are easily dealt with, and, if necessary, the accounts department can authorise full or partial refunds to the end customer.

Customer Comments

David Wareing, IS Manager at Daewoo Electronics Sales UK Limited, says:

"A significant benefit of using PathFinder is that it enables information to be routed how and where you need it, so not only does our SAP system automatically receive the orders but also the customer and appropriate departments within our business are kept informed of the transactions taking place. This has helped reduce back-office work. As this was our first experience of selling to consumers directly we wanted to see how the process went with a simple approach at first. The modular functionality of Rigel has given us the benefits of selecting what features we would like at this stage and knowing that we can add functionality in the future without the need of a re-write or interruption to the existing system."

Technical specifications