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Every Rigel owner will have their own requirements for how the Interface should look to the users. Often, this will need to match their existing websites, such that a consistent company image is presented to the outside world. In addition, changes to this image will need to be matched in the Interface without changing the underlying business process.

Within Rigel, the actual page appearance is separated from the active code, and controlled via a content-embeddable HTML template system. This can be tailored in any way required by the owner, and changed without any effect on the actual function of the site. Graphics and stylesheets can be shared with an existing company website to ensure complete uniformity, or designed for the specific purpose of the Rigel Interface.

Rigel - the users' system

Rigel is designed to be as easy for your users as possible. By using Perl to create the site, we ensure that it can be used in all modern web browsers. There is no software to install for the users, and no footprint on the user’s machine. Instead, Rigel takes full advantage of standard features of the web browsers to deliver a secure solution that gives the user the required functionality without compromising their security.

Rigel - the secure system

Security can be applied at two levels. For standard identification security, a username and password system matched to a unique session key ensures correct identification of the individual user. Due to the design of the system, it is not possible to bypass the login mechanism and any attempt to do so will be spotted immediately and can be logged.

B2B Direct Sales

For basic communications and data security, SSL can be implemented to authenticate the server and encrypt the data being transferred backwards and forwards. It is also possible to extend the SSL usage to require individual certificates from each user as well.

Rigel 2.0 - the E-Business system

Let Rigel extend your existing EDI solution to allow the full power of E-Business. Allow your customers and suppliers the choice between the advantages of direct EDI and the convenience of web access. Take advantage of any existing EDI infrastructure. Bring all your trading partners into the E-Business sphere.

Developed by Orion Consulting, a company with a proven record in the consultancy of E-Business systems, Rigel is the flexible answer to your E-Business requirements now and in the future.

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"Pathfinder has delivered on all aspects for EDI requirements. Quite simply it has enabled us to massively increase our EDI capability over recent weeks. We are now able to get more throughput than ever before, with greater visibility and the correct alerting. The whole process around delivering EDI solutions is now much quicker and simpler thanks to Pathfinder. Not only is the software enabling us to do more the support we get from Orion is also first class."
Darren Yull, Director – Integration and Web Services, Exertis UK & Ireland.