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Our PathFinder product range is a complete data exchange system that can be used for traditional EDI purposes, more complex managed file transfer exchanges between partners, or internally as a middleware tool for interfacing between applications.


Our Rigel product range provides a web interface to the data transfer system. It can be used for data entry, modification and viewing. Examples include order entry and monitoring, data enquiries and more complex business/customer interactions.
"A significant benefit of using PathFinder is that it enables information to be routed how and where you need it, so not only does our SAP system automatically receive the orders but also the customer and appropriate departments within our business are kept informed of the transactions taking place. This has helped reduce back-office work. As this was our first experience of selling to consumers directly we wanted to see how the process went with a simple approach at first. The modular functionality of Rigel has given us the benefits of selecting what features we would like at this stage and knowing that we can add functionality in the future without the need of a re-write or interruption to the existing system."
David Wareing, IS Manager at Daewoo Electronics Sales UK Limited