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Our PathFinder product range is a complete data exchange system that can be used for traditional EDI purposes, more complex managed file transfer exchanges between partners, or internally as a middleware tool for interfacing between applications.


Our Rigel product range provides a web interface to the data transfer system. It can be used for data entry, modification and viewing. Examples include order entry and monitoring, data enquiries and more complex business/customer interactions.
"Flexsys has had great success working with Orion and using PathFinder. Our goal was to consolidate several legacy EDI systems into one platform as well as integrating new Internet-based document exchange using SSL/HTTP(S) and FTP. The ease of implementation and the performance of PathFinder allowed us to reach our goals successfully. I highly recommend both Orion and their PathFinder product."
Bill Critchlow, E-Commerce Project Manager, Flexsys Rubber Chemicals Ltd