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Document Creator

PathFinder’s Document Creator can be used to produce printed or electronically imaged documents and labels of all types. These documents are specified using the PathFinder mapper tool and may contain either fixed data or fields from a source file passed through the document map. Every element of the document can be controlled by the user using just the map.

Documents produced by the PathFinder Document Creator can contain background graphics, logos, and barcodes of many types. The user has full control of fonts and font sizing for every element of the document.

Once a map is completed and uploaded, PathFinder can be configured to automatically create these documents from identified source files and output the results as either Postscript files, which can be sent directly to specific printers, or PDF files, which can be routed to email or other destinations just as any other PathFinder file.

Using XML as a document mark-up language

Document Creator uses XML to describe the actual document or label being created, both the document elements and the actual data contained.

In order to make creating a document simple, it can be built graphically using the PathFinder Mapper.  The result is an XML template that can be then be used as the destination for a map to create the required document from the source file.  This template can also be built manually using the standard PathFinder template editor, but this is slower. 

Document Creator is sold as a separate additional module to PathFinder, although once installed, it is fully integrated.

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