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Our consultancy team has been working in the world of EDI and Data Exchange for many years now and has built up considerable experience in both the business and technical aspects of this complex area. They can help you in several different ways.

We have particular experience in working remotely as well as on-site. Probably the majority of our consulting is now done with secure remote site access, reducing the travelling expenses and therefore the project costs. However, we will work the way that our customer wishes us to work – some wish for an on-site presence to help with skills transfer, and some will prefer us to work remotely. The choice is up to the customer.

The Orion involvement in a given project also varies from customer to customer. Some would rather that we simply complete the product installation and training, and leave the in-house team to handle the actual implementation of each document and flow. Others prefer us to complete the entire task ourselves, talking directly to trading partners if required, with no more than regular progress reports made back to the customer. Again, the choice is with the customer – we are happy to work either way. Clearly, the decision depends not only on the level of existing staff skills but also on the way in which the system will be administrated long term.

In the area of migration from an existing legacy project to PathFinder, we are assisted by PathFinder’s parallel data processing – the ability to control the flow of data through your existing translator until such a point as the new PathFinder transformation maps are ready, and then to check the output of both systems from the same source file until the new map is proven (more information is available on the PathFinder page). The result is a smooth migration rather than a “big bang” approach, and less (or zero) impact to existing data flows.

Orion can provide consulting in the following areas:

  • Project planning
  • Migration from an existing solution
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Ongoing development
  • Upgrades
  • Trading partner management
  • Data exchange administration

We are happy to answer any questions on our services, or to visit you without obligation to discuss how we can help you.

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Using Orion Consulting's flexible approach enables Marston's to respond to trading partner requests in a way that often exceeds their expectations. Orion work closely with us during the development and test phases of our projects and post-implementation, we receive excellent support from Orion.

I would recommend Orion Consulting to other organisations without reservation and regard them very much as part of the extended Marston's team.

Phil Court, Head of Technology Delivery, Marston’s PLC