In the EDI world, there is a need for a flexible EDI product that can handle the latest developments in message format and transmission alongside the existing traditional EDI requirements. PathFinder from Orion Consulting is designed explicitly for this purpose.

Fully XML capable, with a range of available communications methods, and not tied to any standards body for its data formats in either XML or traditional EDI message standards, PathFinder is a trusted EDI solution for the real business world.

In the Web commerce or EC world, an easy and cost-effective way is required for any company to enable its trading partners to communicate with it over a simple web connection. The Orion Consulting Rigel solution fits this need. Business documents, such as orders, invoices and despatch advices can be communicated in both directions with trading partners, who have to use nothing more than a web browser and their existing Internet connection. The system is modular and expandable, allowing customised forms to be created for a particular purpose, and uses industry-standard security to ensure privacy and integrity of the data. More details on Rigel are included within this portfolio.


Our PathFinder product range is a complete data exchange system that can be used for traditional EDI purposes, more complex managed file transfer exchanges between partners, or internally as a middleware tool for interfacing between applications.


Our Rigel product range provides a web interface to the data transfer system. It can be used for data entry, modification and viewing. Examples include order entry and monitoring, data enquiries and more complex business/customer interactions.