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Managed Services


One of the more recent trends we have noticed, as the load on IT departments grows and the variety of systems that they are required to support increases, is that Orion is being asked to take on more responsibility for the implementations of our products. As a result, we have put certain packages in place to help our customers in this area.

Our site support package offers unlimited assistance with configuration and support for existing data flows for a fixed quarterly fee. The only area not included is new development, which would be quoted for on a per case basis as normal.

If even more Orion involvement is required, up to and including total responsibility for the system, then Orion can provide remote administration for the entire system, including handling relationships with trading partners and any other intermediates required. We can also handle any new development of the system, either remotely, onsite or a combination of both.

Existing and new customers are invited to contact us with their requirements.

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"PathFinder has provided significant business benefits beyond standard EDI such that I view it more as a business data communication gateway. The direct FTP link was impossible until we got PathFinder, and is one of the most critical processes we have. I certainly intend to make more use of its ability to send data via E-mail, IP and FTP in the future."
David Wareing, IS Manager at Daewoo Electronics Sales