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To allow our customers to get the most out of their Orion products, we offer a range of training courses both on the products themselves and in the more general area of data exchange.

There are two ways of taking an Orion training course. We publish dates of regular public courses, available to all our customers on a first come first served basis. The current course schedule can be viewed using the link on the right. Alternatively, if you have a number of colleagues also interested in the same training course, we can arrange a customer-specific course at your own premises, which can work out as a more cost-effective option. In order to ensure a high standard of training we limit the number of places on all our courses to 8 people.

Orion has four standard courses. For more information, or to book course places, please contact the training team using the link on the right.

Introduction to EDI and Data Structures

This one day course is aimed at those who are new to the world of Data Exchange and EDI. Customers who are unfamiliar with data structures, data syntaxes and messages used within both traditional EDI and contemporary data exchange messages such as XML will also benefit from this course.

The course provides an excellent foundation from which to access further training in Orion's PathFinder range of products. 

PathFinder client and server course for Administrators

This two day course will cover the database, communications manager and service manager within PathFinder. Customers who already have a working knowledge of EDI and Data structures will get the most benefit from the course.

The course aims to equip attendees to process files, set up trading partners,configure communications within PathFinder. 

Creating Data Files using PathFinder Mapper

This two day course will cover the preparation of transformation maps within the PathFinder Mapper product. Customers who already have a working knowledge of EDI and Data structures will get the most benefit from the course.

The course aims to equip attendees with the knowledge required to create, edit and test maps and templates using PathFinder Mapper. 

What's new in the latest version of PathFinder?

PathFinder 5.1 is the new version of PathFinder released in March 2016.This one hour webinar is aimed at customers already using PathFinder products who require deeper knowledge of or would like to view the improved functionality available within the new version of PathFinder. Book a webinar to find out how PathFinder 5.1 upgrade could make your system easier to manage.

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"A significant benefit of using PathFinder is that it enables information to be routed how and where you need it, so not only does our SAP system automatically receive the orders but also the customer and appropriate departments within our business are kept informed of the transactions taking place. This has helped reduce back-office work. As this was our first experience of selling to consumers directly we wanted to see how the process went with a simple approach at first. The modular functionality of Rigel has given us the benefits of selecting what features we would like at this stage and knowing that we can add functionality in the future without the need of a re-write or interruption to the existing system."
David Wareing, IS Manager at Daewoo Electronics Sales UK Limited