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As most of our customers know, Orion Consulting has been a remote working company since its founding over 20 years ago. We are not only set up already for home working, but it is our normal practice and as such there will be no change required in the company’s operation under COVID-19 home working rules. For the vast majority of our customers, we already have secured remote access from our systems to yours and as such our support will continue as it has before.

We will be refraining from offering site visits for upgrades or training for the foreseeable future, but since most of our customers already have no-visit rules in place this is not likely to affect anything. Again, long familiarity with telephone and video conference systems mean that there will be no issue for us in conducting more meetings in this fashion.

Our systems and communication services are cloud-based, and so no local outage will prevent you from contacting us if required, nor us from supporting you.

Internally, the fact that we always work remotely removes any possibility of cross-infection within the company. We have stepped up our policy of documenting work such that should any of our consultants be unable to work for a while, the work can be covered by another of us.

The conclusion of this is that we there do not expect any impact on our ability to provide support and consultancy work to our customers, nor our ability to continue to develop our product range.

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The team at Orion are friendly & efficient, but also progressive, in that new versions & service packs are routinely rolled out to upgrade their products. Without PathFinder we simply wouldn't be able to process the activity we get through with the level of accuracy we achieve.

Darrell Swain, Business Development Manager, QK Cold Stores (Marston) Ltd