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Release of SP2 for PathFinder 6.1

PathFinder 6.1 Service Pack 2

Service pack 2 for PathFinder 6.1 is now available for download on the Orion extranet. This comprises updates for both server and tools.

This is an incremental service pack that fixes issues reported to us and those discovered by our internal testing. In particular, work has been done in the client on the user of Organisations, and to allow the copy and paste of field lockers between environments. In the mapper, an error with UUID generation that allowed a zero UUID to be generated has been resolved.

On the server side, an issue with parsing JSON files has been resolved, and some SFTP listener issues including a limit on maximum filename size have been fixed. It is also now possible to restrict SSL connections to TLS 1.3 only.

As always, the service pack includes the latest CA certificates from the major certificate providers.

The upgrade to service pack 2 for an existing 6.1 server is fast and requires minimal business disruption, as there are no changes to the database. There will of course be no disruption for any site using the PathFinder High Availability module to spread the processing load across multiple PathFinder servers, as these can be upgraded in turn. Any site using a previous version of PathFinder and wishing to upgrade to 6.1 will upgrade directly to this service pack.

The PathFinder toolset (client, mapper and viewer) for SP2 can be installed immediately for any 6.1 user, as they are compatible with any 6.1 release.

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As market leaders in our sector, we have been working with industry experts Orion Consulting for over 10 years. They have helped us to maximise our efficiency through the use of their Pathfinder solution to enable flexible, accurate and reliable data integration with our customers. This has helped ensure we delivered outstanding service and, in turn, delighted our customers.

Fowler Welch’s success is built on long-term, value-adding relationships with both our customers and suppliers, and Orion are a great example of that.

Matthew Downes, IT Director, Fowler Welch