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As the UK government’s COVID road map out of lockdown continues, we are looking at when and how we can introduce training courses again safely. We are aware that COVID has caused a backlog of users waiting to be trained on PathFinder, and there is a consensus amongst both our trainers and our customers that in-person training is preferable to remote learning for an application like PathFinder.

We believe that from the start of July, it will be safe for both trainer and users to restart in-person courses, assuming that the COVID situation continues to follow the road map and no additional factors interrupt that progress. We are therefore now taking bookings for training again. Initially, we will not be holding public courses, and will be therefore restricting courses to employees from one customer, held either on-site or at a pre-agreed location. COVID procedures set by both the customer and Orion will be followed – these will obviously change over time, and so will be agreed for each course closer to the event.

The training courses available will be as before – a 2-day course in the client and server, and a two-day course in the mapper. Since courses will be restricted initially to a single customer, there will be more opportunity to ask site-specific questions during the training.

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Orion was chosen as the EDI system supplier for these projects as PathFinder provides all the connectivity required to communicate with our suppliers and customers with all the required EDI formats - out of the box. Orion have also listened to us and incorporated our requirements into subsequent releases of the PathFinder product.

The Orion team at all stages of the decision making, development and deployment of the PathFinder product instilled us with the necessary confidence that they knew their subject matter and were able to help guide and advise us to make the correct strategic decisions.

Darren Yull, Director – Integration and Web Services, Exertis UK & Ireland