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This two day course will cover the preparation of transformation maps within the PathFinder Mapper product. Customers who already have a working knowledge of EDI and Data structures will get the most benefit from the course.

The course aims to equip attendees with the knowledge required to create, edit and test maps and templates using PathFinder Mapper. 

The PathFinder Mapper training course includes:

  • PathFinder translator components
  • Brief review of file syntaxes (flat, delimited, XML) (If further information is required in this area, please see our course on EDI and data structures)
  • What is a map?
  • Templates (creation, editing, properties, importing/exporting)
  • Creating a map
  • Map documentation and version control
  • Simple mapping instructions (1-to-1, constants)
  • Finding, editing, and deleting mapping instructions
  • Local (Unit) testing of a map
  • Conditions in mapping instructions
  • Use of variables and system functions in mapping
  • Use of local and global lookup lists in mapping
  • Macros
  • Envelope mapping and OCL record in mapping
  • Exchanging maps with the PathFinder Server
  • Full testing of maps on PathFinder Server
  • Practical exercises in stages

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"Pathfinder has delivered on all aspects for EDI requirements. Quite simply it has enabled us to massively increase our EDI capability over recent weeks. We are now able to get more throughput than ever before, with greater visibility and the correct alerting. The whole process around delivering EDI solutions is now much quicker and simpler thanks to Pathfinder. Not only is the software enabling us to do more the support we get from Orion is also first class."
Darren Yull, Director – Integration and Web Services, Exertis UK & Ireland.